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Card Technology

Concept Printing  provides customiza tion for your card requirements. Tell us all your needs, we are able to deliver them for you

Plastic Card

We supply more than a Loyalty Card. We enhance your Loyalty Card with special holographic stamping, customized card size, spray silver and gold shimmering effects, transparency and more. At Concept Printing, we make your Member Card more appealing and desirable.


Concept Printing is the most competitive and innovative plastic card printer and plastic ID card machine supplier in Indonesia. Our core business is in the supply of plastic member card machines and pre-printed plastic member card to retailers and ID plastic card equipment to corporate organization.

Concept Printing is a customer-oriented and quality-centred company, striving to be the best service provider in its segment. Concept Printing is an authorized Distributor for HODOO DTC Plastic Card Printers.

Concept Printing differentiate itself by providing a quality product with enhanced plastic PVC card features, and by providing the best support and warranty in the business.

Customer Service

ID Printer

Our Plastic ID Card Printer Selector will help you choose a complete system to meet your specific application. We will help you select the right combination of plastic card printers and customizable software that will effectively create your card.

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